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#1 2006-08-22 14:56:30

From: The Netherlands
Registered: 2005-03-12
Posts: 26

Andreas08 template problem

I’m using the andreas08 template. (http://textpattern.org/templates/512/andreas08-for-textpattern). But I’m facing a problem. When I select a link to an article it will not show the single article but it shows the article in all of the 3 colums.

This is the default form

<h2><txp:permlink><txp:title /></txp:permlink></h2>
<txp:body />
<p><txp:posted /> | <txp:category1 link="y" /> | <txp:comments_invite /></p>

This is the single form

<h2><txp:permlink><txp:title /></txp:permlink></h2>
<txp:body />

There is an example at: http://h2.mottow.com


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