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#1 2006-03-11 12:20:31

Sock Enthusiast
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A reminder for us all...

Being a community means that we not only help, but communicate with each other. This particular community, like so many others, is based around an open-source program that we all use and develop with and for. We all have our own ideas, gifts and abilities, and contribute to this community in a multitude of various ways.

We are all, also, human. We have different experience, points of view and ways of achieving goals. From time to time, we’ll disagree. And like other groups, the larger the group gets, the likelihood you’ll meet someone you like or don’t like, get or don’t get along with, increases. Let us all remember a few things, to help this community be healthy and continue to grow in a postive way.

  1. Be civil. Name-calling and slinging mud is puerile and unacceptable.
  2. Don’t be argumentative. There is a big difference between having a difference of opinion and stating your viewpoint, and insisting to drag an argument out ad nauseum. The former is helpful, the latter does nothing to foster mature and edifying discussion.
  3. Keep personal conflicts elsewhere. If you have a specific problem or disagreement with one or two particular persons, the forum isn’t the place to platform your grievances. That’s what email and other communication modes are for.
  4. The leaders of various efforts are the ones whom make the final decisions for the areas they are responsible for. New ideas are welcomed and encouraged, and it is certainly appropriate to state and discuss a difference of opinion. Once that’s been done, and the decision has been made, please respect that person and the community by respecting that decision, whatever it is, as opposed to insisting to argue about it further if that’s not the choice you would make. As you wouldn’t want someone else telling you how to do your job, don’t do that to someone else.

A big thank you to all our volunteers, and thank you all for doing your part to make this community great.


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