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#1 2005-11-08 04:43:33

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This plugin will let you use two new conditional tags when building pages, <txp:rsx_if_next_section_different /> and <rsx_if_prev_section_different />. I use these tags to display my link-log mixed in with my regular posts. <txp:rsx_if_next_section_different /> is true if the current article’s section is different than the next article’s section. If the current article is the first article this condition is always true. <txp:rsx_if_prev_section_different /> is true if the previous article’s section is different than the current article’s section. If the article is the last article on the page this condition is always true. You can use <txp:else /> as you would expect.

Download the plugin: rsx_section_conditionals.txt.

Update: Damn it! I just noticed that you need edit your publish.php file to use this plugin, thus making it even more niche. You will need to add the following line of code to publish.php at line 744 for the plugin to work: $out['posted_rsx'] = $Posted;. This is because the plugin needs to have access to the database value Posted, which is not stored by default. (The unix timestamped version of the value is stored, but this is not much use.)

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