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#21 2005-10-07 18:42:38

From: Plymouth, MN
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Re: asv_amazon

Jon – I think you’re thinking of the other Amazon plug-in – the one that makes the thumbnails – knd_amazonlist, I think it is.

Anyway, if you want to add your amazon associates id to this plug-in, you just need to add one line of code.
Edit the plug-in and scroll nearly all the way to the bottom until you see:
<code> $params = array( ‘Service’ => ‘AWSECommerceService’, ‘SubscriptionId’ => ‘0DZWD9BKQ6DHPH4XA2G2’ , // You can specify your own developer tag if you have registered to be an Amazon web services developer ‘Operation’ => ‘ItemLookup’, ‘ItemId’ => $asin, ‘ResponseGroup’ => ‘Medium’, );

In the array, add this line: <code>‘AssociateTag’ => ‘jaydreyer-20’,</code>. I added it right after SubscriptionId, but I don’t think it matters where you put it. Obviously, you’ll have to change ‘jaydreyer-20’ to whatever your associates id is (unless you want to send me your referral $$$, which is fine with me!)

This will add in your associates id and you’ll be on your way to making big $$$. This should help me double the 7 cents I’ve earned so far through my google adsense placements. Yes!

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