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#373 2011-08-12 22:08:16

Registered: 2010-03-01
Posts: 216

Re: mem_self_register

I am trying to get the mem_self_register plugin to work (I’ve taken a break from the problem for a few weeks). Anyway, I have done the following:
1. I uploaded a fresh version of Textpattern (ver. 4.4.1) to my live server.
2. I have imported the mem_self_register plugin (from the file: mem_self_register_v0.9.6.gz.txt)
3. I clicked the “Start Install Wizard” from the activated plugin’s “help” page.
4. I followed the steps and was provided this tag: <txp:mem_self_register_form form=“self_register_form” /> which I placed onto a new article.
5. I saved the article and viewed it.
6. I received this error message: “Fatal error: Call to undefined function mem_form() in /var/www/html/example/textpattern/lib/txplib_misc.php(653) : eval()’d code on line 421”.

This is all I’ve done so far. Am I to do anything else?

Your help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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#374 2011-08-13 08:29:58

Plugin Author
From: Nantes, France
Registered: 2009-03-19
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Re: mem_self_register

Hi, laptophobo
mem_self_register works along with mem_form.
Have you installed it ?


#375 2011-08-13 19:46:23

Registered: 2010-03-01
Posts: 216

Re: mem_self_register

Thanks for your quick reply.
I hadn’t, but now it’s installed. I checked the Article where the tag is placed and Viewed it. I get this error message: “Fatal error: Call to undefined function mem_form() in /var/www/html/example/textpattern/lib/txplib_misc.php(653) : eval()’d code on line 421”
So, I used the Install Wizard again, and it produced this error message with this report:

Notice: Array to string conversion in /var/www/html/example/textpattern/lib/txplib_misc.php(653) : eval()’d code on line 85

Added pref mem_self_use_ign_db Pref mem_self_admin_email is already installed. Current value is “r.hamel@dotorgwebworks.org” Pref mem_self_admin_name is already installed. Current value is “Admin” Pref mem_self_new_user_priv is already installed. Current value is “Array” Added pref mem_self_admin_bcc Found form self_register_form. Skipping installation of default form. Found form self_register_success. Skipping installation of default form. Found form self_register_email. Skipping installation of default form. Example tag to use in your page template. <txp:mem_self_register_form form=“self_register_form” />

So, I then removed the above form tag and entered this tag:

<fieldset> <legend>Register</legend> <txp:mem_form_text name=“RealName” label=“Full Name” /><br /> <br />

<txp:mem_form_text name=“name” label=“Username” /><br /> <br />

<txp:mem_form_email name=“email” label=“E-Mail” /><br /> <br />

<txp:mem_form_submit /> </fieldset>

This finally produced the registration form. (Yea!) But when I clicked “submit” nothing happened. So, am I still missing a plugin or something?

Any ideas?
Thank you,

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#376 2011-08-14 15:56:45

From: Canberra, Australia
Registered: 2004-08-04
Posts: 342

Re: mem_self_register

As planeth says, you MUST have mem_form installed as well.


#377 2011-08-14 16:09:50

Registered: 2010-03-01
Posts: 216

Re: mem_self_register

Hi eta,

Yes, it too (mem_form) is installed, along with ing_password_protect.

I visited the forum page about Set Up Registration and Login (http://forum.textpattern.com/viewtopic.php?id=25503), which is my goal, and that didn’t provide much detail. I just want to have the ability to require login to view a page, as well as to self register. No doubt this is already done on many Textpattern webs.

Thank you.

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#378 2011-08-28 14:20:04

From: Shanghai
Registered: 2010-04-27
Posts: 60

Re: mem_self_register

I searched this topic and have same problem as some others before. However I didn’t notice any solutions.

<txp:mem_self_password_reset_form /> sets the password blank

<txp:mem_self_change_password_form /> actually changes the password but in the email it shows up encrypted

I took a look also at Manfre’s bitbucket but the issue is open there.

I’m using TXP 4.4.1, mem_self_register 0.9.7 and mem_form 0.8.4

If anybody have manged to find solutions, help would be appreciated.


#379 2011-12-10 23:40:59

From: Australia
Registered: 2011-08-02
Posts: 56

Re: mem_self_register

Just some notes to self, and others who are installing and using this for the first time, as I lost some time debugging this quite good plugin.

When installing, the installer may go flaky on you, or on reinstallation. Simply track down the mem_self _XXXX entries in the txp_prefs table and edit them directly there – saves a lot of time. Note: if you delete and reinstall the plugin, these config values persist (are not deleted) so you may end up with the same values as previously set, so do take a look at your txp_prefs table to be 100% sure what is going on. It is this installation flakiness and the persistence of these txp_config values that got me into a spin, as I was trusting the plugins installer to do what it advertised it would – don’t!

I also had issues with the plugin breaking when editing through the Admin / Plugins / Edit section; again, direct editing the code in the txp_plugins / mem_self_register table was the trick. Not sure if this was due to the host this site uses, it’s not on our own server so may have some issues of its own, but just saving the plugin code in Plugins/Edit without changing the original plugin was enough to kill it. Weird. Note – this doesn’t happen with the other plugins on this particular TXP installation, so I really can’t say what is going on here. Suffice to say it was confusing!

Used with Stef’s excellent smd_user_manager, you can indeed set a new custom User like “Site Member” (id=7) and have mem_self_register add users to this user type on signup. Again, just check the txp_prefs table for mem_self_new_user_priv

Aside from the forms, the only thing you might need to edit in the plugin itself is the login URL as shown in the emails sent out. By default this is set to {login_url} which is the admin TXP login address, so you can change this to {siteurl} or just directly type in your site URL to have this send people to your homepage, or whatever URL you want.

One other thing: don’t forget that the success message shown to users after sign up is handled by the mem_form plugin. Edit this plugin, search for that pesky string “You have successfully submitted the form” and change it to what you would like your visitors to see after signup. Of course, this would affect all mem_form submissions, but if like me you’re only using mem_form for mem_self_register, then hack away.

Compliments to the TXP team for their ongoing great work with TXP.

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#380 2011-12-11 00:02:07

From: Leeds, UK
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Re: mem_self_register

wavesource wrote:

search for that pesky string “You have successfully submitted the form” and change it to what you would like your visitors to see after signup.

As a future heads up I think you can change this by supplying thanks_form="some_form" in your mem_self_register_form tag, but I’d need to refresh my memory to check this. And there’s a login_url attribute which should avoid you having to hack mem_form to alter that.

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#381 2011-12-12 20:43:50

From: Portland
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Re: mem_self_register

Any wizardry available to let users register their own chosen password and bypass the old check email for password step? I know they answer to this is probably no but I assume many would want this process to be simplified for the sake of potential signer-upppers.

This happening would mean they’d supply their name, email, password and then press register. From there they’d be logged in looking at any screen we choose. The customary email would go out still but would serve as a welcome to the service and here is you password you chose email so keep this email for your records in case you forget.

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#382 2011-12-16 13:04:09

From: Madrid, Spain
Registered: 2005-09-19
Posts: 390

Re: mem_self_register


I’m doing a new textpattern 4.4.1 installation, but can’t run de Install Wizard of mem_selft_register (all the necesary mem_stuf ok installed).

Whe I click plugins > mem_self_register > help > Installation Wizard appears a “Restricted area” at this URL:


and the plugin don’t works

I have tried to deactivate all the other plugins installed excep mem_ ones, but no result.

¿any idea? Thank you!


instaling v 0.9.6 instead 0.9.9

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#383 2011-12-20 13:51:37

From: Kansas City
Registered: 2004-12-07
Posts: 366

Re: mem_self_register

I am not sure why this plugin just will not work for me, but the following code, which is a copy and paste of Manfre’s example, does not function:

 <txp:mem_form_text name="name" label="Username:" /> <br /> 
 <txp:mem_form_text name="email" label="Email Address:" /> <br />
 <txp:mem_form_submit name="submit" label="Submit" />

The form appears to submit, but no email is ever received. I have tried versions 0.9.7, 0.9.8, and 0.9.9. Yes, mem_forms is installed. Any clues? I’ve been chasing this for two days and am kind of lost.


#384 2012-02-13 13:42:09

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From: Benarrabá Andalucía Spain
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Re: mem_self_register

The installation wizard isn’t working on new installs.

As Jorge said you can install 0.9.6 – and it works.
Then upload the most recent atm 0.9.11 …

mem_self_password_reset_form – is throwing up all sorts of errors.
It’s the part I need …

Forms missing that are built into the plugin.
Tag attributes that are valid new_form_mail for example if you use it it isn’t recognised.

Front-side user login remains a complete nightmare on Textpattern.
I’m into my third day and I have a login box to show for my time … I’m going to have get my users to have their passwords tattooed onto a suitable body part.

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