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#13 2006-12-28 07:52:03

From: Cyprus
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Re: Searchable custom fields

what if the custom fields are only searched in an “advanced search” interface? Within this interface there could also be searches for all db fields which can be used on the front end. ie image caption, image title, links description, link title etc… I know that this is not the official ‘request’ but I believe that an advanced search which will be made available only by sites which need it might be a way to go…

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#14 2006-12-28 08:26:17

From: Tväråmark, Sweden
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Re: Searchable custom fields

Do you include ‘comments’ when you talk about potentially searchable ‘custom fields’? Should be most important to include as a simple extension of any simple article search!

P.S. Perhaps a simplification: It wold be nice if just a message like “Found in comment(s) link-to-comment …” is displayed in/as the search result in case this would facilitate designing a search with comments included. Then, at the comment, the clever user may use a simple browser search.

P.S. 2007-01-15 Seems that nobody else care about searching comments…? Is this a non-issue?

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#15 2007-01-15 15:01:46

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Re: Searchable custom fields

Turbo-G wrote:

Hack for searchable custom fields

Turbo-G, thanks a lot! It was easy to get this hack to work for Keywords instead of custom fields. This is exactly what I needed, since I’m using tru_tags to transform the Keywords field into tags.


#16 2016-06-22 19:54:49

From: Leiden, Netherlands
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Re: Searchable custom fields

I’m using an extremely lowtech solution by simply adding

copy paste some values of custom fields that really need to be searchable here but make sure to avoid empty lines between opening and closing tag

to the bottom of my articles body text. The commented-out content doesn’t show on the site, but is included in the search. Not Ideal, but works perfectly.

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#17 2016-06-22 21:17:38

From: Germany
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Re: Searchable custom fields

Hi Karsten, you resurrected a very very old thread. Robert (wet) added a method a long time ago called wet_haystack.

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