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#37 2021-02-11 16:49:52

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Re: Stuck at language selection screen while installing

etc wrote #328784:

Yep, this explains it. Now we need to know what is blocking it, will you be able to send post data via your browser? Then you could create some test.php file on your server with just


and post some data to test.php. If the result is empty, I would inquire your webhost.

I tried this and as it seems is the GET working but the POST does not. I will write an email to the hoster then. Thank you for help and keep working on this amazing software :D.

I think we can mark this ticket as closed ;) Thanks again for everyone who tried to help.


#38 2021-02-12 09:15:03

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Re: Stuck at language selection screen while installing

If you do get a response from your host and they reveal anything, I’d love to find out what caused this so we can maybe add it as an entry in our Troubleshooting docs. Or, if it’s a fault with Textpattern and IIS (we only have limited (read: next to none recently) testing of this platform in the core team as I believe we all run Linux-based hosting environments) then we might be able to patch it. Thanks in advance for any info.

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