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#13 2021-02-05 17:23:33

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Re: Multiple article images (not thumbnails)

etc wrote #328560:

In single mode, <txp:images thumbnail="0" /> outputs invalid links (since no thumbnail) anyway. We could change it to output all images instead.

Heh, true. That’s a bit poor isn’t it! That attribute really only makes sense when using form/container. If we could change that default output so it toggled thumbnail+link to full size (1) vs just full-size with no links (0) then yeah, that’d be much better. Nice idea.

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#14 2021-02-05 19:48:24

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Re: Multiple article images (not thumbnails)

Okay, tweaked in 4.8.5. Now <txp:images thumbnail="0" /> outputs full-sized images, and <txp:images /> will output thumbnails when they exist and images otherwise. Comment welcome.

But I have noticed that the generated ?context=image&p=id do not work at all, and can’t remember whether they ever worked?


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