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#301 2021-06-05 17:20:06

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Re: Corona virus

Destry wrote #330367:

I hadn’t actually read your article yet, Stef, but I will.

No sweat, and thank you. Hardly anybody has time for longform anyway. Oh, drat, there goes my attention bias :D

If anything, I’m speaking to the opposite side of the fence, those seemingly trying hard to convince others not to get vaccinated.

Yep. I see both sides. It is a tricky decision. But it should be a personal decision, not one borne of fear, and certainly not one the state and the media should be making on our behalf. When McCullough talks of the number of deaths that are directly attributed to the vaccine, it’s likely that a large bunch of those people should not have been given/offered it.

The list of contraindications, along with the “we don’t know what this is going to do as it’s all new to us too” disclaimer means that if someone does die fairly soon afterwards, big pharma can turn around and say:

  1. We didn’t force you to have it (which is true: the media and governments did that bit through panic).
  2. We said it’s only X% effective and there’s an element of risk. Look, you signed.
  3. Oh, the autopsy shows you had such-and-such. We listed that as a possible problem, so you shouldn’t have taken it.

The drug companies are in the clear. The problem is that we’re facing untold pressure by the media and leaders that everyone needs it and that if you don’t have the shot, you won’t be able to do anything in society until you do. So, out of fear, people who should not be taking the vaccine due to pre-existing complications are doing so. People who have had covid or already have some form of antibody or natural immuno resistance are doing so.

This practice of course fuels the naysayers: “Everyone’s dying, stop the programme! The vaccine is killing people!” But that’s only half the story. Yes, it might be true, but the programme is probably fine if it’s done carefully and with a person’s best interests at heart, taking into account their full medical history.

That is simply not being done. Everything’s being rushed. Eighteen months of FUD have thrown rational thought out of the window. And people will die either of covid or of the vaccine because of it.

With every day that passes and every few hundred more people who buckle and take the shot when they’re unsure, and every threat surfacing in the media of how many things you won’t be allowed to do without the shot, and how many variants there are that might kill you, and how many new cases (not necessarily deaths) of such-and-such a strain have been discovered, and blah blah, people are being scared into not only giving up their right to choose the shot (or not) rationally, but their future rights regarding their data too.

News surfaced yesterday in The Guardian of how the UK government are resurrecting the failed care.data programme to pool citizens’ health data. The database schema I saw of a similar venture around the time was an absolute joke from a privacy and storage viewpoint, and I remember sending back a lengthy and rather critical review of it to the subcontractors who put it together. I hardly doubt things have improved if the type of contractor the government entrusted couldn’t put a cohesive schema together back then.

Worse, UK citizens have a shade over three weeks to opt out (link in the article) before their data is scraped automatically from their GP records, with implied consent being the default stance. Ha! Where’s the GDPR when you need it? Oh yeah, they probably rewrote that bit during Brexit while we were all distracted.

Everything is rush rush rush, panic panic panic. And I worry worry worry that there aren’t enough people who can (or are willing to, or even able to without their views being suppressed) raise their hand and go, “Hang on a minute…”

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