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#21 2019-11-14 10:32:04

From: People's Republic of Cornwall
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Re: Fook Google and it's fookin' AMP

If you want to make a practical difference with how Google et al track you, set up a Raspberry Pi with Pi-Hole on your home/office network. It’s straightforward, largely set and forget, and you’ll start seeing changes in how your network works.

Just don’t dwell too much on the volume of tracking that Instagram does, especially if your household/workplace has a lot of social media-ites.

Edit: my Pi-Hole admin, if you’re curious – imgur.com/LTQ0gM0 (image safe for work). Note that the two graphs with overlay text look fine in a browser, I used a screen grabber to get the image. Also note that someone else in my house spends a lot of time on Instagram…

Edit #2: I’m also a big fan of AdGuard (pay-for), totally worth the money in my opinion. imgur.com/kWW7xEc (image safe for work)

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