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#11 2019-08-24 07:32:42

From: Germany
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Re: Are Textile'd images broken on the forum for anyone else?

Gocom wrote #319116:

Ding, ding ding. Those Parser::setImage(bool $enabled) appear to be wrong way around. Images appear to be TRUE for new users, and FALSE for everyone else. All of that is written blind, so it’s the least you could expect.

Thanks Jukka. We’ve obviously got so used to you being spot on!

If I’ve understood you correctly, it looks like true and false in lines 1752 and 1756 of src/setup/patches/feature-textpattern-forum.patch need to be switched.

Perhaps someone with the appropriate access/commit rights can amend that (Phil, Stef, Pete?). Note also Jukka’s comment on reapplying the patch and amending the signatures … you know better than me what’s involved.

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#12 2019-08-24 14:38:52

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Re: Are Textile'd images broken on the forum for anyone else?

Excellent sleuthing, bravo! Thanks very much, jakob and Gocom.

Taking Jukka’s comment into account, I’ve opened github.com/textpattern/textpattern-forum/issues/310 — forum scaffold is typically Phil’s domain, so I’ll wait to see what the best approach (read: beyond my pay grade, even on UK Bank Holiday weekend rates).


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