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#11 2019-08-02 11:42:23

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Re: Paid Work - Image Upload Plugin Development

Bloke wrote #318941:

EDIT: Interestingly, I don’t see Caption and Category/subcat in the Core ITPC spec. What am I missing?

Caption = Description.

Category/subcat didn’t show up when I used this tool, so I did a search. I found this very old document about IPTC and it has entries for Category and Supplemental Category with the note, “Use of this DataSet is Deprecated. It is likely that this DataSet will not be included in further versions of the IIM.”

I use Photo Mechanic for editing metadata in images. In this program, categories and supplemental categories are still among the options under the headline ‘Status’.

This is what the IPTC site says about IIM.


I found some info about categories on the IPTC site:

Category and Supplemental Category: were deprecated and merged to form the later Subject Newscodes. See the this guideline for mapping Category Codes to the newer Subject Newscodes.
These two properties are synchronised with XMP properties ‘photoshop:Category’ and ‘photoshop:SupplementalCategories’.

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