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#49 2020-12-24 00:04:26

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Re: Low-Tech Magazine, now solar-powered!

Destry wrote #327762:

[…] Died on the operating table.

Welcome to the club! my most risky feats in that area where replacing RAM in a PM8500 and a PowerMac G4 graphite (not too difficult), and replacing the HD in the same G4, which took me the better part of a day.

Have a look at the refurbished section on apple.com/fr, sometimes one can find nice deals (my daughter bought an MBP13 for 25% off the catalog price). Link is in the footer of every apple.com page (special deals or refurbished or…). Although from a quick look, that Back Market site is probably sourcing lots of their offers from the same source.

Where is that emoji for a solar powered submarine when you need it ?


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