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#85 2018-08-22 12:39:25

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Re: oui_player (formerly oui_video) - Easily embed customized players

I guess your issue was fixed by the last Bêta version?

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#86 2019-01-13 14:43:58

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Re: oui_player (formerly oui_video) - Easily embed customized players

Hi Nicolas, the issue seems to remain in the BETA4 versions.
I am trying to use it in a context like this
<txp:oui_if_player play='<txp:custom_field name="audio_1" />'> <txp:oui_player /> <txp:else /> No audio. </txp:oui_if_player>

But guessing the provider doesn’t work.

My custom field(s) might contain Bandcamp, Mixcloud, Soundcloud links. It is important, that oui_player can guess the provider. I won’t have a default field for players and/or providers, as each of my audio related custom fields must be able to contain Bandcamp, Soundcloud or Mixcloud links (only one per field of course).

V 1.3.3 guessed from this without a problem, but 2.0.0 beta4 doesn’t here. How could this be fixed?

Could you provide me with a working example script eventually?

Thanx a lot!

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