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#61 2021-07-01 04:25:34

From: Tokyo, Japan
Registered: 2005-02-05
Posts: 446

Re: smd_at_work: click to put your site in maintenance mode

  1. I have upgraded my site once again to Textpattern v4.8.7
  2. I also created a separate installation on a similar subfolder of the same domain, uploaded and activated my theme and uploaded the same plugins
  1. This had no effect. I still get the error page when I am logged in
  2. The new setup works perfectly. I can see the public site when I am logged in and maintenance is set to on

So, the problem is specific to the site and not related to a server setup.

Apart from copying and pasting all the contents to the new installation, I don’t really know what else I can check to discover why I get the error page while logged in.

Any additional suggestions?

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