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#231 2020-01-29 17:32:01

From: Cyprus
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Re: etc_pagination: paginate everything

etc wrote #321422:

Yiannis, 169x10 = 1690 > 1689, why ?pg=170 would be listed with 1689 posts?

Maths. I used to be very good at uni but calculators and age has fussed things up. The question now may be irrelevant as it is probably a 4.7.x bug.

<txp:article limit="10" c10="" listform="live_form" form="" /> should list 1686 articles, but the last two are still listed inspite of the CF having a value. Although this behaviour is not replicated in 4.8.b2 where I’ll add some posts in the dev to check it further.

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