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#13 2012-08-02 15:21:40

From: Quito (Ecuador)
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Re: Textpattern 4.5.0 Beta and plugins

@ colak

For example, hiding the excerpt field in selected sections don’t works. I don’t know why. In this case the classes are the same, in Textpattern 4.4.1 and in 4.5, class="excerpt".

Other example.

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#14 2012-08-03 07:04:09

From: Cyprus
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Re: Textpattern 4.5.0 Beta and plugins

mrdale wrote:

hrm, no mention of a pony…

Dale, Do you know if manfre is working on updating postmaster?

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#15 2012-08-03 09:02:25

Developer Emeritus
From: Helsinki, Finland
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Re: Textpattern 4.5.0 Beta and plugins

zero wrote:

rah_sitemap 1.2 works

v1.2 of rah_sitemap does work technically. Nothing errors out, and sitemap is generated. But the settings the plugin offers can allow content and URLs get in the sitemap that lead to a 404 page with the Textpattern 4.5’s page routing. These 404 pages are as should, not an issue from core’s side.

The current development version of rah_sitemap doesn’t have this issue and works around any limitations. Mainly doing so by concentrating to actual articles and valid stock URLs. There is a new API that can be used to extend sitemaps functionality with modules and be used to all the crazy extra stuff.

rah_write_each_section 0.2 works

This one has the same story as the rah_sitemap. It has development version that works flawlessly, but v0.2 really doesn’t. While it may work or seem to work, it’s not flawless. In v0.2 the selector panel is rather rough looking with the new admin-side themes. The bigger issue is that it hides the wrong field element the editor form (I suppose it affects category2 field) and not the section field. The plugin also doesn’t reset default selected options.

As with rah_sitemap, the plugin is developed on GitHub and the development version works properly with Textpattern 4.5. If you go to that link you may notice that the plugin has been re-branded. The next version of rah_write_each_section will hold the shorter name of rah_wrach.

The development version and next release fixes the field hiding and the section selecting. It will also prevent the article form from popping up on page load as it will now use server-side PHP to hide the form instead of JavaScript.

Rah_wrach takes advantage of layouts and widgets present in Textpattern 4.5. For the selection prompt it uses a grid layout with few labels providing bit extra information about the section.


Clicking the article count label takes you to a list of article posted in the section. As RSS/FRONT labels might tell, now any section can be visible on the prompt. There is a setting present in Preferences panel which lets you set what those sections are. By default all sections are present on the prompt.

Rah_wrach will be released after Textpattern 4.5, most likely at the same day if timezones and such let. Due to dependencies on widgets, rah_wrach will require Textpattern 4.5. Rah_write_each_section’s older version can be used on v4.4.1 and older.


#16 2012-08-03 20:44:36

From: Cologne, Germany
Registered: 2011-04-04
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Re: Textpattern 4.5.0 Beta and plugins

smd_thumbnail works but needs a liitle styling.


#17 2012-08-04 01:37:42

From: Walla Walla
Registered: 2004-11-19
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Re: Textpattern 4.5.0 Beta and plugins

colak wrote: Dale, Do you know if manfre is working on updating postmaster?

not that I know of, and I’m all out of angel money. ;)


#18 2012-08-11 22:35:53

Plugin Author
From: Woodbridge, VA
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Re: Textpattern 4.5.0 Beta and plugins

ebl_image_edit does not work for me using TXP 4.5. On one server I see Textpattern’s CSRF message when I open an individual image (“I’m sorry. I’m afraid I can’t do that. I think image image_edit is no safe operation at this time.”), and on another the “Edit image” page loads fine, but without any traces of ebl_image_edit’s script-generated image editor.


#19 2012-08-21 10:41:11

From: England
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Re: Textpattern 4.5.0 Beta and plugins

Has anyone tried cnk_versioning? I’d give it a go myself but I’m up to my neck in deadlines.


#20 2012-08-21 14:27:34

From: Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Re: Textpattern 4.5.0 Beta and plugins

Algaris: cnk_versioning seems to be working fine, though I haven’t tested it extensively.

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#21 2012-08-29 09:17:46

From: Germany - Wuppertal
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Re: Textpattern 4.5.0 Beta and plugins


That does not work. the picture is not inserted.

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