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#13 2011-12-18 22:00:30

From: Portland
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Re: [mention] A Tale of Two Competitive CMS’s

Destry wrote:

@Josh: Yeah, I know what you mean, but there could (and should) be a healthy balance between improving “x” of the product (define as you will) while growing the project (increasing awareness, at least).

Couldn’t agree more. I just like to think of Textpattern as not being limited by the social contexts we have: ‘Blog’ or CMS’, by the way that it gets compared to Wordpress, Drupal, etc…

Sure, people in those communities are trying to get outside that container too but I don’t speak their language (Hooks, Node, etc…) as well as I do <txp:whatever_i_want />.

So, therefore, I get a little defensive when Wordpress get’s compared to TXP. It’s my language. It’s my country! Our aspirations are our pride! :)

On a serious note I’d like to add that I do really believe that TXP is heading in the direction of becoming, in part, a “Framework” for PHP-dumb designers who have developer’s minds on paper – which can be used to create “Web-Apps” of any proportion. I don’t think that dream is unique to TXP but I believe we are ahead of the game in that small niche. Furthering the implementation of tools on the “front-of-site” that allow users to “Content Manage” will get us there I believe.

If we can reach a point where CMS no longer means: here is the interface, here is what your content is called, and here is where it goes…

…and begins to mean: build any interface you want, call stuff what you want, put it where you want and realize your ideas…

Then, we’ll have the bliss that one has when they can implement their ideas without the confusing interjection of crowd-sourced naming conventions and that subsequent modality in building and using.

txtstrap (Textpattern + Twitter Bootstrap + etc…)


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