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#25 2011-07-05 17:33:09

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Re: Using glz_custom_fields and categories to create a tagging system

This is working wonderfully, thanks, Stef. Is there a way to check if the value is NOT empty? I’m running into a problem with the way I’m doing it right now, which is to check if it IS empty. Here’s what I’m doing:

<txp:smd_switch item="?coverageclient">
   <txp:smd_case type="empty">
      <txp:article_custom section="coverage" coverageclient='<txp:variable name="coverageclient" />' form="article_listing" limit="999" />

The thing is, if there are articles that have no client (or coverage type, or media outlet, etc) associated with them (as there are in some cases), those articles are showing up on the page regardless of whether anything is selected. So instead of getting a list of articles from CNN, I am getting a list of articles from CNN, followed by all the ones that have one or more empty values for some of the fields.

Any ideas?

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