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#97 2021-09-12 20:45:44

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Re: smd_prognostics: monitor your Txp installation for suspicious activity

Bloke wrote #331576:

I had to do this a few times which was why I tried to get round it with this patch, although that was primarily because there were more than 1000 files in the list.

It’s conceivable that the size of the payload in your case tripped some limit in php.ini or other server variable so, yes, saving them piecemeal is the sanest option, even if it is rather annoying.

So far — Loving it and how it works! This is a TEXTPATTERN Must have! Anything I can do to push it forward… one byte at a time of course!
Someone mentioned that this plugin “could” be standard equipment in future flavors of TXP… who could say no?

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