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#13 2010-12-28 22:13:37

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Re: [textile] New home/TLD for Textile (domain name suggestions)

what about textile.ht? ht for hypertext. Still available, and I could sponsor the first year :-)

Edit: textile.io is available, also.

Edit2: There is a good documentation of Textile for Ruby at RedCloth.org. So what about BlackCloth.org?

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#14 2010-12-29 20:14:57

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Re: [textile] New home/TLD for Textile (domain name suggestions)

Hello Ax

thanks for that. If we are sticking with textile as the project name then a straight ‘textile.xyz’ domain would make sense to me.

Edited to add: Not sure about the use of country-based TLDs. I know some folks do it with .tv and .us are there any negatives to going with these over the more usual domains?

Edited to add: What price are people normally paying for country based TLDs like .ht ? I just saw that TLD quoted at US$134 per year.

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