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#49 2016-10-03 15:48:16

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Re: esq_sectionsort - Custom sorting of sections

uli wrote #301931:

Maybe there are several versions of the un-patched plugin floating. GugUser likewise didn’t succeed in patching his version, so I posted mine (incl. the fixes), which he reported to be working.

It works now; thanks a lot!

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#50 2022-04-27 20:26:05

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Re: esq_sectionsort - Custom sorting of sections

I corrected a problem with PHP 8 compatibility and as all the existing download links seem to be on textpattern.org, whose days are numbered, I’ve taken the liberty of creating a GitHub repo for this plugin, starting with radneck’s original 2.0.2 version, incorporating Uli’s 2.0.2b changes, and correcting a few more errors:

All credit goes to the original author and contributors, I’ve just packaged them up. The changes:

  • Prevent “Passing null to parameter ($string)” notice in PHP8.
  • Remove duplicate jQueryUI.sortable code as this is in the core already.
  • Correct messagepane display
  • General neatening + plugin help

I’ve updated the first post of the thread accordingly but left the earlier downloads available in case people need them with earlier Textpattern versions. Those are also in the commit history of the GitHub repo.

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