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#91 2020-03-09 14:28:46

Registered: 2006-03-05
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Re: smd_article_stats: Article stats to count words 'n stuff

Bloke wrote #322105:

I shall test it on my site when I’m back at my laptop and let you know if I find anything untoward. If not, we can have a go at debugging why you’re seeing this behaviour on your site.

No need! I removed and reinstalled the plugin (before, I installed the current plugin without first removing the old version), hit save on the preference tab a couple of times, edited the article list form so the smd_article_stats tag was outside the if_custom_field tag it was in before and then put it back in again, saving the form a couple of times in the process — and I don’t know which of those did it, but it’s working as expected again!

Thank you so much for your super quick response!


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