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#25 2012-11-18 08:06:11

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Re: [plugin] [ORPHAN] ebl_QuickNote

Thanks for the effort Eric and best wishes for your studying :)


#26 2014-03-04 19:07:02

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Re: [plugin] [ORPHAN] ebl_QuickNote

TheEric wrote #267928:

I would like to see this progress

New version available

No push notifications but some other niceties:

  • Multiselect instead of checkboxes: quicker selections, easier to read and scan, more apt for larger communities and longer user names
  • Recipient entries in multiselect in alphabetical order (previously: checkboxes were ordered by account creation)
  • Fixed broken layout in Hive by adding TXPv4.5-specific classes
  • Maybe only Hive specific: Legend doesn’t any longer cover upper regions of fieldsets with table headers and recipient specifications
  • Recipients in received/sent messages always on separate lines, ordered alphabetically
  • CSS classes for “read/unread” and for recipients who read/ignored a message
  • Added scrolling div around recipients in Sent/Received list so the page doesn’t become too long in larger/busy communities
  • “New Message” announcement in TXP’s header region is now a link to the Messaging page
  • Message subject in list views is now a link to the respective message
  • After sending, the subject of the message sent is now displayed in TXP’s footer message panel (previously dispayed: number)
  • Like in the GitHub version: Rest of user privilege groups added (1 through 6), menu entry moved to “Extensions”
  • Several CSS amendments

Please note: This has been derived from version 0.1, not from the GitHub repository, which caused SQL errors, whereas the previous version was functioning properly. Styled to look best in Hive, but looks nice enough in Classic and Remora.

Download ebl_QuickNote v0.2

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#27 2014-03-04 21:19:56

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Re: [plugin] [ORPHAN] ebl_QuickNote



#28 2018-04-27 12:46:32

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Re: [plugin] [ORPHAN] ebl_QuickNote

This plugin looks super practical for private multi-user sites: Is this version compatible with TXP 4.6.2 or even 4.7?

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