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#13 2008-05-22 12:28:48

From: Lancashire
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Re: Which sites show txp at its best?

Jakob, I think many of the sites mentioned also have extra non-standard coding, but I don’t think that should exclude them from a “best of” list. Just my opinion.

I don’t know if any extra features have been used in these but I like the look and the way they work and think they are just as good as some mentioned above:

GraphicPush by Kevin Potts is a great example of a web designer’s website and blog – cool graphics, easy-to-follow interface, plenty of interesting little sections. I think you’ll all enjoy reading his latest article about branding the txp interface for clients

My personal favourite web designer’s home page is all-sorts.biz because, even though the layout is totally non-standard, it grabs my attention with great graphics, has everything I need to know on one page, uses clear and bold communication, states what I will and will not get, is clear about the money, and makes it simple and attractive to interact, state my needs and find out more.

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#14 2008-10-07 05:40:35

From: tuvalahiti
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Re: Which sites show txp at its best?

Zero, Jakob – Zem was contracted to provide the subsection capability; and he also made a small improvement to the files functionality (can edit its date) and a custom fix for clean URLs on our Windows 2000 server (run inhouse, Sydney location). There are no custom community pages. (Another site uses Manfre’s plugins to allow people to register as authors and add content to a moderation queue.) But essentially the site is just Textpattern.


#15 2008-10-07 07:07:07

Registered: 2008-09-29
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Re: Which sites show txp at its best?

I would like to add another vote for GraphicPush. Not only is the design a really well designed example of using Txp as a design blog (passive income without making it eye-burning) the content itself is phenomenal!


#16 2008-10-07 15:45:55

Plugin Author
From: Washington DC
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Re: Which sites show txp at its best?

This thread coincides with the current redesign. The best way to promote TXP is to show that some of the best designers out there are using Textpattern themselves. Sort of like the 9 out of 10 dentists use Crest toothpaste.

nclud – nclud.com nclud is a small web design agency in Washington DC. They client list consists of several new start-ups in the web 2.0 space: Mixx and emPivot,
Marjan Banjtes – bantjes.com Marjan Banjtes is one of the worlds top typographers. Her flowing, kinetic designs in type are in a class all their own. Sure to inspire.
Naz Hamid – nzrn.com Naz Hamid is the man behind Weightshift. He has presented at SXSW and has been published by A List Apart.

In addition, there are some other fantastic designers who use Textpattern:

Bart-Jan Verhoef – subdued.net
Daniel Bulli – nuff-respec

Txp admin themes | dropshado.ws – a blog for design noobs like me


#17 2008-10-10 12:18:44

From: Haut-Rhin
Registered: 2004-08-04
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Re: Which sites show txp at its best?

nemoorange wrote:

Marjan Banjtes – bantjes.com

Wow. Thanks for that link. Even her process is cool. Love this. She’s in my feeds now.

I was going to suggest erisfree as another stunning Txp site (from the very talented Eris Stassi, another designer in the “Frisco” area), which it was once upon a time, but it appears she has…uh…minimized lately. Not even sure it’s Txp anymore. Probably not.

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#18 2008-11-15 14:29:58

New Member
From: Moscow, Russia
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Re: Which sites show txp at its best?

zero wrote:

For a large multi-departmental site there’s the Mosman Library

  • Masses of information all organized effectively and efficiently.

As I’m just starting explore Textpattern features, I’m glad to find a site made on it which use old-style multi-level nested navigation instead of modern blog single-level flow. This structure is what I need now to make mostly static site with many sections nested one into another, and on any level there must be several text pages (articles in Textpattern terminology) as well as subsection. As much as I know now Textpattern is not the best solutions for this kind of navigation, but I’d better ask people who knows more: if Textpattern engine allows to do that easily without “unofficial” tricks, or I should check other CMSes beside it?


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