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#11 2008-06-09 16:39:02

Plugin Author
From: Toronto
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Re: asv_amazon2: it's been a long time coming

thanks amit for the plugin. for those using this and also aro_myadmin, i had to add the following:

$("#asv_amazon2wrapper").css("z-index", "1000");

to this plugin so the popup amazon search box sits on top of everything else. without it, it gets buried underneath aro_myadmin’s interface.

edit: apparently with aro_myadmin enabled, search results with this plugin just sticks on “loading…”. when i disable aro_myadmin, search works again. i’ll poke around and see whats conflicting.

edit #2: asv_amazon2 + glz_custom_fields + aro_myadmin = barf! ahh well i’ll just stick to a regular non-plugin theme. it seems to mess with too many plugins that rely on javascript + hooks.

edit #3: hmm no associate id support?

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#12 2011-10-04 10:48:13

From: Kraków, Poland
Registered: 2009-08-11
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Re: asv_amazon2: it's been a long time coming


three years after the last post :) I’ve tried to use the plugin, but there is an error with multisite TXP 4.4.1:

When i try to search an article with the popup window on “write” tab, I get no results (The ‘Articles’ tab opens with ‘No articles recorded.’ text).

Help? :)



#13 2017-03-06 01:43:00

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Re: asv_amazon2: it's been a long time coming

AdamK wrote #253262:

Help? :)

Did you ever get help/progress with this? Is there a current working amazon plugin?

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