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#13 2007-11-29 22:55:07

From: The Netherlands
Registered: 2004-06-06
Posts: 7,458

Re: wet_if_page: Testing for listing page number

I was looking for a way to show 5 articles on page 1, and 20 articles on all subsequent pages (in two columns of 10). After a lot of puzzling how to set the offset attribute, I finally found that this code works:

<txp:article form="list_frontgroot" limit="5" />
<txp:else />
<div class="frontcol1">
<txp:article form="list_col" limit="10" pageby="20" offset="-15" />
<div class="frontcol2 clearfix">
<txp:article form="list_col" limit="10" pageby="20" offset="-5" />
<span class="left"><txp:newer>nieuwer</txp:newer></span>
<span class="right"><txp:older>ouder</txp:older></span>

I am happy, because it does what I want. But I’ve never heard of the use of a negative value for offset…

Just posting this in case someone might want to do the same thing :)


#14 2008-01-08 22:27:19

Registered: 2006-02-20
Posts: 296

Re: wet_if_page: Testing for listing page number

Wet, you might want to accept “last” and “first” in the page attribute. Here’s why

I didn’t know about this plugin back then.


#15 2008-05-16 02:55:13

From: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Registered: 2004-10-10
Posts: 3,070

Re: wet_if_page: Testing for listing page number

Another possible way to have some content on first page and not on another numbered page:

<txp:page_url type="pg" />
<txp:else />
<!-- put here what belongs only to the first page ->

Of course, you can do more things with wet_if_page. And the above request by guiguibonbon would be a nice add too.

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