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#49 2006-10-05 13:49:37

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From: cgn, de
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Re: MODx : a great Etomite Fork

davidm wrote:

they can always… moderate :P

IMHO there’s a difference between what is forbidden and shouldn’t happen on one hand, and that which just feels… out of place. If I am interested in keepin up to date on vBulletin, I won’t expect to find the infos in the phpBB-support forum. I have really no interest in shutting down any topics that deal with other software, as long as discussion s civilized, because I still think it’s interesting when people explain and show a different approach to publishing content on the web and discussion ensues – but building a “steady outpost” in the support-forum/community of another project feels out of place to me. I am sure that the MODx site has a place where it can communicate with users and potential users that want to keep up to date. And personally I feel it’s more appropiate if that venue is used in the long-term. And then there’s of course always personal weblogs where people can share the things they find interesting with like-minded people.


#50 2006-10-05 15:28:15

From: Paris, France
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Re: MODx : a great Etomite Fork

Ok, then, I am self moderating :P

.: Retired :.


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