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#1 2017-02-14 03:30:03

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Image tag in HTML format got messed in 4.6?

<img src="http://kuopassa.net/images/573.jpg" width="950" height="944" alt="Mustavalkokuva+joesta%2C+jonka+oikealla+rannalla+lukee+kyltiss%C3%A4+%22Kaapeli%22+ja+jonka+juuressa+on+kajakki+ja+vene." title="Yashica-Matilla+kuvattu+kes%C3%A4ll%C3%A4+2016." />

That happens when I’m in Images section and click HTML of Textile | Textpattern | HTML. It looks like the tag builder for an image does something similar to rawurlencode for alt and title.

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