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#1 2008-07-04 14:28:11

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TXP_Dilectio_Theme 1.0 Beta

My blog post and DEMO : http://insraq.org/play/2008/07/04/get-txp_dilectio_theme-10-beta

I’m not a native English speaker, so pardon me for my broken English.

Dilectio is a very famous theme for WordPress created by Design Disease.
Some of my friends asked me to port it to TXP and I said “Of course, a piece of cake.”
However when it comes to actually doing it, IT’S EXTREMELY HARD WORK. I once wanted to give up halfway but luckily I carried on.
After two days’ work I finally made it. Now your watching a demo of TXP_Dilectio_Theme 1.0 Beta.

There’s an ALPHA version. But when I send it to my friends, they say it performs badly in Opera. So I did a little fix work and now it becomes much better.

This theme is temporarily not available to download because it is EXTREMELY UNSTABLE. I can’t let it destroy your website.

If you REALLY wanna get a copy FOR TEST, please CONTACT me.
You’re welcomed to comment below this post about bugs and suggestions about this theme.






Have fun!


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