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#11 2019-05-21 08:57:48

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Re: Please welcome jakob as an admin to the forum

jakob wrote #318111:

I think Pete once wanted to resurrect Textpattern solutions, which I think could still be a worthwhile exercise, especially as plenty has changed for the better. I reckon it needs more hands to get off the ground…

I did scope out the work involved, and have some scaffold in place, but then life changes got in the way and although plenty has changed for the better in my life, I still haven’t made time for it. I’m erring towards a concerted effort on the docs front with some kind of auto-compile into a book.

I know how the publishing industry works as I have a couple of publishers as (strategic) clients. There is recognition in authoring, but not much $/£/€. There is discipline to be gained from the process, and a bump in your authority as a result. Write a book, start a consulting business. Self-publishing is the way forward for niche subjects like minority CMS guides. The royalties will be much better.

All that said, I may end up having a late night and deciding that’s all a crock and a book needs to be done – in which case, I’ll be in touch!

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